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Bandiere arancioni scrive un articolo sulla bottega del Pollino

About us

" In Morano Calabro , Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club , where he was born and returned after several experiences abroad, he opened his workshop/museum.

The Orange Flag Touring Club wrote an article about our project

Discover our project

The art of the stonemason

Craftsmanship is an important resource for our territory

Our territory boasts millenary traditions but unfortunately we are selling our villages emptying, craftsmanship represents an important resource for investing hand in hand with digital. and to help younger people rediscover the ancient crafts of the past, today thanks to online it is possible to make their creations known even outside our territory.

Stonemasons, basket makers, shoemakers, carpenters, sculptors and ceramists are just some of the ancient artisan professions that were present in Morano Calabro and throughout the territory of the Pollino National Park , the largest protected green area in Italy, an uncontaminated territory rich in history and culture where people lived mainly from agriculture and sheep-rearing.

Craftsmanship played a fundamental role because indispensable tools were created which could not be done without, for example , wooden sticks were useful to the shepherds for grazing animals , the fuscelle they did from containers for the cheese , a whole series of kitchen utensils were created by hand in copper, wood and stone , just like the mortar , for example our grandmothers used to crush salt in blocks , with clay they were created plates and other utensils , not to mention the importance of shoemakers.

With globalization and the advent of plastic these ancient artisan crafts are gradually disappearing , our goal is to create value for these noble arts and thus enhance them

Discover the traditional artifacts click here

la bottega del pollino Morano Calabro

Our shop

Our shop

We are in Morano Calabro (Cs) in Via Ferrante 10, Pollino National Park

Open from Tuesday to Sunday

from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 20.00

300 m from the Norman-Swabian castle

Ask for directions

Each handcrafted creation is unique, an original and unforgettable gift

When you purchase a handmade creation you can be sure of the originality of that product which was made with love exclusively for you who own it.

In our shop you will find a series of unique items made by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen, which you can use both for their functionality and for their ornamental value capable of embellishing your home with a unique object.

furthermore, these products are immutable over time given the quality of the materials with which they were made and the manufacturing techniques that highlight their characteristics.

Throughout life there will be many special and unrepeatable events and occasions such as Graduations, Retirements, Anniversaries, Golden or Silver Weddings, up to many birthdays of loved ones. choose craftsmanship Artifacts can be an excellent special gift idea .

the Pollino Calabrian craftsmanship workshop