The typical terracotta pignata for preparing genuine and traditional dishes

pignata in coccio

What is Pignata?

The pignata is a typical terracotta pan used in Calabrian cuisine and throughout southern Italy, one of the most iconic artefacts of our territory, it is made using red clay rich in iron which is then shaped using the lathe technique and the magical touch of the masters potter craftsmen.

Its shape is rounded and pot-bellied, with a flat bottom and double handle at the top. The dimensions of the pignata vary according to the type of use you intend to make, usually the pignata has a height that varies between 15 cm and 25 cm and a mouth diameter of around 12/15 cm, we are talking about a medium pignata for family use, obviously there are smaller or larger ones.


The Pignata is ideal for slow and low temperature cooking for genuine and natural dishes, it is used in the fireplace placed near the flame and traditional dishes based on meat, legumes, vegetables and sauces are prepared. It was a very important tool in the past that fed entire families when kitchens were not yet present in all homes, the piñata replaced its use.

beans cooked in pignata

it is made of terracotta, which allows uniform cooking by keeping the food hot for a long time, enhances the taste of the ingredients, another characteristic of terracotta is its resistance to high temperatures and can be used on both gas and wood fires, in fact over time the piñata has been modified by widening the base, thus allowing it to be used on gas hobs or stoves but obviously to best express the potential of the piñata the fireplace is the ideal place!

In short, the pignata is a timeless utensil of great style and very functional that has raised entire generations by exalting the poor ingredients offered by our land and this tool still accompanies us today, delighting our palates.

giant piñata

Slow cooking at a low temperature allows you to obtain tasty dishes. In addition to its culinary function, the terracotta piñata is also a decorative element for the kitchen. Its shape and natural color make it a unique and typical piece of Calabrian cuisine and classic and rustic design.

Maintenance is simple, just wash it with hot water and a mild detergent and let it air dry. It is not recommended to immerse the piñata when it is hot in cold water.

Even today the pignata is used in our cuisine and has become famous in the territory of the Pollino National Park for cooking poor beans in Pignata (typical product of Mormanno)

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