Collection: Traditional craftsmanship

Stonemasons, basket makers, shoemakers, carpenters, sculptors and ceramists are just some of the ancient artisan professions that were present in Morano Calabro and throughout the territory of the Pollino National Park , the largest protected green area in Italy, an uncontaminated territory rich in history and culture where people lived mainly from agriculture and sheep-rearing.

Craftsmanship played a fundamental role because indispensable tools were created which could not be done without, for example , wooden sticks were useful to the shepherds for grazing animals , the fuscelle were used for the cheese , THE wooden cutting boards in the kitchen , just like the mortar our grandmothers used to crush the salt that arrived in blocks , with clay they were created plates and other utensils , with copper the pots not to mention the importance of shoemakers.

With globalization and the advent of plastic these ancient artisan crafts are gradually disappearing , our goal is to create value for these fine arts and thus enhance and make visitors to our land discover our traditions, and thanks to digital tools it will be possible to expand our regional and national borders