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La bottega del Pollino

Crochet wool pot holders in the shape of little houses

Crochet wool pot holders in the shape of little houses

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Crochet pot holders are kitchen accessories made with wool thread and hand-knitted with a crochet hook. A house shape and are designed to protect your hands from heat when handling hot pots, pans and other kitchen utensils. The crochet pot holders are decorated with various patterns, stitches and colors to make them more attractive and personalized. They are a practical and aesthetically pleasing element that adds an artisanal touch to the kitchen.

The art of embroidery in Calabria is a centuries-old tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation. This form of craft involves the use of needle and thread to decorate fabrics with beautiful designs and patterns. Calabrian embroiderers are known for their mastery of producing elaborate and detailed stitches, often representing flowers, plants, animals or scenes from everyday life. The vibrant colors and high-quality yarn combinations help create unique works of art. Calabrian embroidery is appreciated both locally and internationally for its beauty and the dedication and precision required to create it.

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