Each handcrafted creation is unique, an original and unforgettable gift

When you purchase a handmade creation you can be sure of the originality of that product which was made with love exclusively for you who own it.

In our shop you will find a series of unique items made by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen, which you can use both for their functionality and for their ornamental value capable of embellishing your home with a unique object.

furthermore, these products are immutable over time given the quality of the materials with which they were made and the manufacturing techniques that highlight their characteristics.

Throughout life there will be many special and unrepeatable events and occasions such as Graduations, Retirements, Anniversaries, Golden or Silver Weddings, up to many birthdays of loved ones. choose craftsmanship Artifacts can be an excellent special gift idea .

the Pollino Calabrian craftsmanship workshop