How to treat newly purchased terracotta pots and pans before use

cosa fare prima di utilizzare la pignata

In this guide we explain what to do before using our piñatas and terracotta pans

If you want to find out what Pignata is then we have written a simple article, click here

the terracotta piñata over the fire

Let's find out together what needs to be done before putting it into operation?

Our handcrafted piñatas are ready to be used but obviously we recommend washing them well, possibly as a further precaution they can be placed in a bath in water overnight to ensure that the terracotta eliminates any air bubbles that have been created during cooking the pan in the oven.

Then they are ready to be used, so you can cook legumes, boiled sauces and much more using only the fireplace, the pignata enhances the flavors and favors healthy and genuine cuisine,

Our piñatas are 100% handmade reflecting tradition

You can purchase your piñata directly in our shop by choosing different sizes

-100% handmade

- very high quality product

-reflects the Calabrian tradition

-functional fireplace, stove and stove

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