Collection: Terracotta masks to hang on the walls

The collection of terracotta masks to hang on the walls contains a series of unique and fascinating items that capture the essence and tradition of Calabrian culture.

Each terracotta mask is handcrafted , made with local clay, a natural material that gives them an authentic and rustic appearance.

Each mask tells a story and represents a specific character from folklore and history. The expressions on the faces of these masks vary from joyful to melancholy, from mysterious to grotesque. They are designed to be hung on walls, thus creating a fascinating display that attracts the eye and adds a touch of tradition and authenticity to the surrounding environment.

Terracotta masks are part of the Calabrian tradition, the most famous are the apotropaic ones with a grotesque expression, they are a symbol of superstition because they protect the house from the evil eye and negative energies

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